OKAY, so it went a little something like this...

At the young age of 9 years old I chose sewing lessons over sports and the rest is history. For 1 hour after school every Wednesday, I went to my lessons and fell in love. It was when I turned 13 years old that I decided I wanted to take over the world, and that is when I created the name for my future fashion line, "Remark". I have no clue how or why I named it this, but my mom never lets me forget it. And, now here we are, nearly 15 years since I started my sewing journey, and ReMark has truly come to life and evolved, a lot.

When I was 17 years old I stopped attending sewing lessons, and to be honest, they stopped being lessons time ago. I always found the most joy and calm in that 1 hour of sewing, where it was me and the machine. Imagining, innovating. Creating. Over the years I have created various pieces for my friends and I. My proudest moment is definitely when I created my prom dress.

Throughout 2017 I definitely intensified and focused my energy into my craft more than ever before. I think it is a result of the people I surround myself with; the many hard-working creatives who help fuel my creative energy even more. ReMark took the turn in December 2017. My friend and I were shopping out in the east end. Like, not Scarborough east end, but Durham region, Whitby. We stumbled upon a vintage store, in which Coady was working and asked if I sewed because I was so excited to find an XXL Nascar shirt I'd wear as a dress. I think he thought I was planning to alter it, and I probably would have but fuck, this piece was too good to touch so I kept it original. After a few conversations and laughs, I began working with Vintage 905 reworking old vintage pieces to be more femme friendly.

Working with them definitely got my creative juices flowing, which inspired me to finally branch out and create a few of my own pieces again. Which you can see the complete process from start to finish of each garment on my Instagram. Currently, I am working with two different Vintage stores, Vintage 905 and Renue Clothing to create unique femme pieces for the ladies out there, and have been doing an on-going Pop-Up at Untitled & Co since the end of July. Also, to add to the list, I continue to make custom pieces for the males and females who request it.

ANNNND now, the progression of Remark has only just begun and I have many allies to thank. I will be forever indebted to those who have continually pushed me to keep growing, keep learning and expanding my art. To the people who inspire me on the daily, you rock.